Sugar and Feeling Full ⁉️

Sugar and Feeling Full

The big problem here is that sugar disrupts the balance of your body’s natural control system.

Your brain continuously monitors the process of digestion. Every one of the hormones involved in digesting your food is involved in signalling to your brain that you are full. 

& guess what ?! Sugar messes this up for us !! But what does this mean I hear you ask ??

Basically ⬇️

Sugar, particularly the fructose part, makes a complete mess of our satiety system. When our liver processes fructose it doesn’t trigger any of the hormones that signal satiety. So it never makes your brain feel that we are full !! Meaning we can eat and eat and eat !! I’d always wondered in the past why I could keep going on chocolate and biscuits without noticing.. anyone else?

Sugar can also have an impact on you not feeling full on your day to day meals. Yes it can get that bad !! This is serious guys !!

How to reset your fullness signal? ⬇️

1) Cut out snacks – Dont worry you’ll be able to eat them again just as soon as you have restored your natural control system. First, this will of course reduce your sugar intake, because so many snacks contain sugar. Secondly, it will allow your hunger to build naturally and slowly between meals.

2) Help yourself to good portions when you eat your meals, but wait 20 minutes before doing so, if you wished to have seconds. It can take upto 20 minutes for your stomach and brain to register whether you need anymore food.

3) Ensure you you exercise five days per week, for 30 minutes a day. This will reduce insulin resistance and hence restore satiety.

Let me know if this helps & if you wish to talk – feel free to contact me !! 👌

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